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How do I backfill my orders on Northbeam when activating with Magento?

Backfill historic orders to see new versus returning order and fully utilize the Northbeam LTV tool

As part of your setup process, we highly suggest backfilling historic orders to see new vs. returning orders and fully utilize the LTV tool in your Northbeam dashboard. Our recommendation is to backfill 12-18 months' worth in order to maintain high data integrity.  

How to backfill using Server to Server API

For companies with a development team, average monthly order total of >2,000

  • Follow the Server API instructions to upsert batches of orders
  • Batches of <100 at a time
  • Use the API Key and Client ID generated in your onboarding setup; if you are having trouble finding your credentials, please contact success@northbeam.io 

How to backfill using Order .CSV Upload 

For companies with an average monthly order total of <2,000