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How do I set up the Northbeam Pixel if I am not on Shopify? (Pixel API)

You don't need to be on Shopify to get started on Northbeam

Adding and setting up the Northbeam pixel is a crucial step in tracking conversions. The Northbeam Pixel (found in Settings) will need to be placed on every website page and landing page.

The pixel can be placed via Google Tag Manager, or be inserted into the Header of the website.

Screen Shot 2022-07-01 at 7.57.46 AM

When transactions occur, the firePurchaseEvent action will need to be called from the client. The Northbeam Pixel exposes a number of client-side events–often referred to as the Pixel API. This logic (i.e. firing the event) is typically handled on Order Status Page or the Post Purchase Page. A number of values need to be passed in the action, such as the order ID, the Customer ID, and the Price.