How do I integrate Northbeam on Motion for creative reporting?

Motion users will now be able to customize reports for creative performance and review insights powered by Northbeam.

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Integrating Northbeam to Motion

  1. Log onto your Motion dashboard.
  2. On the left menu bar, select Data Sources
  3. Click Add Data Enrichment
  4. Then follow the prompts to connect your Northbeam account to Motion
  5. Read how to get started on Motion here.

How to customize Motion ad reports with Northbeam data

  1. Navigate to an ad reports via the left panel in Motion
  2. Click Custom to the right of the table 
  3. In the search bar, add "northbeam"
  4. Select the Northbeam metrics you want to view in your table

What Northbeam metrics can I view in Motion?

  • Impressions
  • Visits
  • New visits
  • Revenue
  • First time revenue
  • Returning revenue
  • Transactions
  • First time transactions
  • Returning transactions