How to integrate spend data

Northbeam supports a growing list of advertiser integrations–here's how to add spend data if the integration doesn't bring in spend data

We are able to fill this gap by leveraging Custom Spend Spreadsheets. If you are not seeing Spend data associated with your campaigns, we can set up an integrated spend sheet. This sheet will automatically load into the platform and allow your team to track true ROI and cost-effectiveness. Use the following steps to integrate your spend data:

  1. Duplicate this Custom Spend Spreadsheet.
  2. Input your channel and daily spend data onto the second tab.
  3. Once complete, please reach out to our Customer Success team by using this form to submit an inquiry. A team member can assist in syncing the completed sheet to our backend.

✏️ NOTE: Once synced, this sheet will update within 12 hours once new data is added. Typically, most Northbeam clients input the bi-weekly. The spend data will show up as a line-item inside of Northbeam.