How to set up Custom Alerts

Custom Alerts are email alerts to keep you updated on your campaigns and metrics, so you don't miss a thing.

Custom Alerts are email alerts that you can customize for very granular information. They are extremely helpful to keep your campaigns and metrics organized, and if set up properly can help track data much more efficiently. Once a custom alert is set up, you will receive an email about a specific event. 

Custom Alerts are helpful if you have multiple metrics or do not wish to check Northbeam dashboards daily. You will receive an email notification when your activities hit a certain threshold by setting alerts. This helps you stay on top of your campaigns and analyze metrics. 

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To create custom alerts, please go to “settings,” “alerts,” and “configure alerts.” Click “add a new alert” and choose your metric, window size, reference value, and anomaly conditions. You may add multiple conditions. Finally, follow the prompts to add the name and email address that you want the alerts sent to.