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Integrating the Orders Table - How to set up non-Shopify commerce engines (Server API)

If you use Shopify, we have a Shopify integration (Shopify App) that allows us to ingest all transaction and order data. 

If you are not on Shopify (WooCommece, BigCommerce, Magento, Custom, etc) we need to use our Server API to ingest your order & transaction data

The Server API must be implemented alongside the Pixel API. We need to match customers (client side) to orders (server side). We require matching Customer IDs and Order IDs to be passed by both systems. 


Your developer/tech team will need to send all transactions to our endpoint (API keys available upon request - please reach out to our Customer Success team by using this form to submit an inquiry. A team member can assist.).

We need all historic orders and net new orders. We use historic transactions to understand customer LTV, and forecast revenue by customer cohort. We will attribute net new orders to marketing campaigns based on our first party tracking & user stitching. 


The Server API offers two functions - Upsert and Fetch.

Upsert allows users to send a list of orders to Northbeam. The new orders will be added to the database, or will update existing orders (if the orders already exist in the system).

Fetch allows users to query and view orders that are in our system.