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What are Northbeam's Attribution Models?

There are 6 Attribution Models available, including two unique Northbeam Multi-Touch Attribution Models.

Simple Attribution Models

  • First Touch: All the credit goes to the first interaction a customer has with a brand. It's useful for understanding how marketing efforts initiate customer journeys (i.e., top of the funnel).   
  • Last Touch: This model assigns all the credit for a conversion to the final touchpoint or interaction before the conversion (i.e., bottom of the funnel). 
  • Last Non-Direct Touch:  A variation of the last-touch attribution model that seeks to provide a more accurate representation of the customer journey by excluding direct traffic from the last-touch credit. Direct traffic refers to visitors who arrive at a website directly by typing the URL into the browser or using a bookmark, rather than clicking on a link from another source. For example, a customer was served an Instagram ad but didn't convert. A few days later, they return to the brand’s website and make purchases. In this case, revenue would be attributed to that Instagram ad instead of the direct visit.

Multi-Touch Attribution Models 

  • Linear: Linear attribution spreads the credit evenly across all touchpoints in the customer journey. It assumes that each interaction contributes equally to the conversion. Therefore, revenue is split evenly across all marketing touchpoints in the customer journey. For example, a customer was served multiple types of Instagram and Google ads and an email remarketing campaign before eventually converting. In this case, all touchpoints would get equal credit for that conversion. 
  • Clicks Only: Northbeam’s proprietary Clicks Only attribution model specifically excludes certain touchpoints like direct visits, organic search, paid branded search, and email/SMS if there is any other touchpoint source in the customer's journey. This model assigns more weight to marketing touchpoints to distribute credit across various sources. 
  • Clicks and Views: Northbeam’s proprietary model builds on Clicks Only by also considering and giving appropriate credit to Views at any point throughout the customer's journey. This approach acknowledges the importance of both clicks (engagement) and views (impressions) in assessing the impact of marketing efforts. 

Attribution Windows 

Unlike other attribution and reporting dashboards, Northbeam can offer several attribution windows depending on how you want to view and slice your data. 

  • 1-Day: Shows all revenue recognized the same day the ad was served. For example, view an ad and purchase immediately.
  • 7-Day: Shows all revenue recognized within seven days of the ad being served. For example, view an ad and purchase 4-5 days later.
  • LTV: An indefinite attribution window; this shows all revenue recognized from an ad regardless of how long it took for the customer to convert. For example, Customer 1 clicks on an ad but doesn't purchase until two years later. Customer 2 views an ad and purchases on the same day. Both of these conversions would be counted using the LTV attribution window.


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