What is a Data Review?

Receive strategic direction to drive data-informed decisions from Northbeam's expert media buyers

Our vision at Northbeam is to equip modern brands with advanced data models that allow them to better predict the profitability of future marketing campaigns to confidently scale their business. 

When we first started blueprinting what success with Northbeam looked like, we wanted our customers to experience the nuance of first-party data fidelity and adopt and personalize their day-to-day workflow from there. This is where we conceptualized Northbeam’s exclusive offering, Data Reviews–where Northbeam expert media buyers deliver personalized strategic direction to drive data-informed decisions. 

What to Expect from Data Reviews

  • A dedicated CSM to provide actionable insights that inspire next steps and decision-making for your marketing campaigns right to your inbox every 2-weeks
  • Power-user tools and resources to teach you how to optimize campaigns and attribute with accuracy
  • Personalized experience to ensure each member of your team is learning how to use, track, and measure with integrity 

Strategy & Insights from Data Reviews

Before your data review, our in-house performance marketing team reviews your account to evaluate performance and media mix. Based off their assessment, they provide tailored recommendations to help you optimize your marketing spend. Some examples of insights that our experts can help with include:

  • Recommendations on which copy, ads, ad sets, and campaigns to scale or pause
  • Analyze conversion lag and lift for a product line 
  • Identify trends or patterns we’ve noticed in your data
  • Guidance on which custom views are most useful for your business
  • Help with custom labels, breakdowns, automatic label rules, etc. 
  • Share insights based on what we’re seeing from other clients similar to you