What are Maintenance Items?

Northbeam sends alerts for maintenance items to help you track and stay on top of your dashboard health

When you first onboard, you will usually see quite a few maintenance alerts highlighting the next steps to address so that Northbeam can work properly. You can find maintenance items by logging into your Northbeam dashboard and navigating to the bell icon at the top right.

Maintenance Alerts Best Practices

  • Maintenance Alerts work best for use cases where we can expect clicks, such as Facebook ads. The alerts will not cover cases where we do not get clicks, such as unpaid media placements or earned media. 
  • It’s worth checking maintenance alerts frequently and attending to them as soon as possible. Northbeam is only as good as the data we collect, so we run the risk of inaccurate data points and modeling without attending to maintenance alerts.
  • When you see “most critical,” please attend to those alerts as soon as possible.

Common Types of Maintenance Alerts

  • UTM: The most common tracking errors are with UTMs. UTMS needs to be included in every possible click source (e.g. paid ads, organic, website, email, etc.) because we want to track every click. The UTM refreshes daily, so if you make a change, it will take a day to reflect updates.
  • Missing items: Missing DNS, pixel, or main deliverables required during onboarding